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Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck

by CarolAnn C. Hammar M.A., CCC-SLP - Grades PreK and Up

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Syllable Drilling ter-ri-fic
by Michelle M.,  Northbrook, IL
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
These large colorful cards help with production of multi-syllabic words, sound sequencing and vocabulary development. My preschoolers love the idea that they know "big kid" words.The pictures are clear and they show a nice variety of nouns.

Just what I needed!
by Angela R.,  Chicago, IL
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
I love these cards! I was feeling lost working with my multisyllabic goals students and these cards made it so simple. Each word is broken down by syllable making it much easier for young kids to visualize the syllables. The images are wonderful also! I highly recommend this product to anyone working with younger children on multisyllabic word production.

by Claudia R.,  Chicago
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
I love this deck! The pictures are easy to recognize (images like bunny) and are words/images that even my younger preschool students typically know. The two sided feature allows me to try the word with different levels of visual support and the blue side (where the word is visually segmented into syllables) allows me to tap each part as I model to provide additional cues. LOVE IT!

Syllable Drilling card deck
by Danielle C.,  Chestertown, MD
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
I have found this deck of cards to be very helpful in working with children who have difficulty producing multi-syllabic words. Each card has two side - one with the word broken up into syllables, and the other side with just the word. All cards on contain pictures. The two sides provide a nice visual so that children can see that these words are made up of multiple syllables. Some children with articulation disorders also have difficulty with phonemic or phonological awareness, and these cards can help in that area. I have actually given the deck to teachers to borrow, and they enjoy the product as well.

Great for all ages
by Kelli J.,  Salem, OR
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
I've used these card with preschoolers to practice saying all parts of multisyllabic words. I've used this with school aged children to learn syllables. I've also used these with adults with aphasia to practice say 2-3 syllable words. They are very versatile.

Great cards!
by Lindsey M.,  Scottsdale, AZ
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
Great cards to use with dome lights that you can hit with your hand! Your kids can tap out or 'light up' the syllables!

by Susan T,  Toccoa, GA
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
I just received these and I am delighted that I ordered them. I have two sons; one has profound aphasia and apraxia of speech and the other has an articulation and phonological disorder. I was very pleased with how these cards work. The dots on the cards allow me to tap the sounds as I say them for my child to repeat back to me. Whatever sound is deleted or articulated incorrectly can be easily determined and the stress of the sound can be placed on that sound the 2nd time I have repeat the word.Love the tapping, as when I get my child to do the same thing I am doing, then he is able to put a motor movement with his words,which is extremely helpful for aphasia and apraxia. I really wish you would make MORE of these cards!! :) Thanks for another GREAT product find!!

Syllable Cards
by Morgan,  Raleigh, NC
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
I use these syllable cards quite often with my little ones. Not only are they great for children working on producing 2-3 syllable words, but they work great for the younger ones as just basic picture cards!

Building Multisyllabic Words
by Michele G-R,  Boerne, TX
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
The Syllable Drilling Card Deck has been a wonderful tool as I help my kiddos move from producing phonemes at the word level into connected speech. The colorful pictures produce great visual cues and the children are able to follow the dots for each syllable as I model the words, providing both verbal and tactile cues. In the short time I have used the product I have had great success and highly recommend giving it s try.

Multi-Syllables Multi-Fun!
by Kim W.,  Statesville, NC
#SYL68 – Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck
I have been searching for some fun, simple, multi-variable items to use with my pre-K students that are using such a fast rate of speech that their intelligiblity is incredibly hampered. What I found joyful about this deck of cards is the simple, but right on, way that the syllables of each word are designated by a nice, dark, round dot. We can use these dots in so many ways - putting our sweet little fingers on them as we say the word slowly, putting Chipper Chat chips on them and then picking them up and my favorite - taking miniature Penguin pencil erasers and "jumping" them from dot to dot and having them land on a nice, cold ice-berg. Thank you, Super Duper for once again, not only creating cards with the best and brightest pictures, but ones that can serve dual purposes for those therapists that are running a mile a minute!

SYL68 -  Syllable Drilling™ Card Deck $12.95 
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