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Inferencing Quick Take Along™


by Becky Spivey, M.Ed. concept by Natalie Snyders, M.A., CCC-SLP - All Ages

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Grab and Go!
by Brittany W.,  Charleston, SC
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
I love this "grab and go" quick take along book!! It's so easy to incorporate into therapy sessions, but is also great when traveling to different locations for therapy. I love this!!

by Michaela T,  Wilmington, NC
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
Wow! What a great little book for inferential thinking. It was just what I was looking for! I needed something besides paragraphs, which are too hard for most of my students. This helps them learn to infer from sentences first!

Handy Tool
by Shelly N,  Lemon Grove, CA
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
This is a handy tool that is easy to transport to the classroom, between school locations, or just use anytime. It provides many different questions regarding inferencing skills. Love using it!!!

Inferening Take Alongs
by Terese F,  Cuba, IL
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
My 3rd and 4th graders LOVE when I pull this out! I like all the categories that are covered that use inferences. I find it very hand to have! Wish I had gotten this sooner.

inferencing quick take along
by Ricki K.,  Seattle, WA
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
The inferencing quick take along is a really great resource that has so many different scenarios and topics to discuss with those students that really struggle with this skill. You can ask several different questions in one session or you can take on one or two and really delve into the topic.

Quick Inferences
by Lisa J,  Conway, SC
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
I love how handy this is! It's so good for my children who struggle with non-literal language!

Skill Builders
by Karen R.,  Princeton, KY
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
Great product for building inference skills and works great in small group sessions.

Inferencing Mini Book
by Mary R,  Dallas, TX
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
This book is great for my higher-level language kiddos. I use it for everything from sentence comprehension, to memory recall, describing emotions, and for answering hypothetical questions. It's so small that I can leave it on my therapy table all day without it getting in the way. It was a great purchase which has paid off already!

Great on-the-go resource
by Karen B.,  Augusta, GA
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
Wonderful way to work on inferencing skills with kids in mixed articulation/language groups. I love all the "quick take alongs." Great product idea!! I love the quality of the pages. One of my kids spilled my coffee all over them, and they are still in great condition! :)

Inferencing Quick Take Along
by Jodi Kulick,  Ripon, WI
#TA130 - Inferencing Quick Take Along™
This product is great! I work between 2 schools grades 2-8. I use Quick Take Along for "warm ups" with small groups as well as items for gathering easy baseline data. The items are appropriate for my age range. I have also loaned it to classroom teachers to use with reading groups. The items are handy for creating questions with games as well. A very useful mini-book.

TA130 -  Inferencing Quick Take Along™ $13.95 
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