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Articulation Phrases & Sentences Quick Take Along®


by Rynette R. Kjesbo, M.S., CCC-SLP; Liz Wright, MAPC; and Erin Riojas
concept by Natalie E. Snyders, M.S., CCC-SLP - All Ages

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Articulation Phrases & Sentences Quick Take Along Mini-Book is a pocket-sized resource for challenging your students to produce their target sounds at more complex levels. These sound-loaded phrases and sentences are great for practicing sounds in connected speech. The mini-book has 69 pages (5" x 3") that are laminated, tear resistant, and easy to read. Plus, the book lies flat so you can show two pages at once.
Articulation Phrases & Sentences includes:
  • 680 Phrases and 340 Sentences
  • 2–3 Sounds Per Phrase
  • 3–9 Sounds Per Sentence
  • 24 Sounds: B, CH, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, L Blends, M, N, P, R (Vocalic), R Blends, S, S Blends, SH, T, V, W, Y, and Z
Use the sound-loaded phrases and sentences for quick artic sessions (great for Tier I and Tier II interventions), informal screeners, or as stimuli while playing games.
TA890 -  Articulation Phrases & Sentences
Quick Take Along®
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