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Super Duper® Tally Counter

All Grades

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Tally Counter
by Elaine F,  Greenville, SC
#TC34 – Super Duper® Tally Counter
This item is very helpful when doing rapid repetitions.

SLP's Best Friend
by Susie R,  Coeur d'Alene, ID
#TC34 – Super Duper® Tally Counter
I am always looking for efficient ways to take data and motivate kids. I have used tally counters for years and the kids love them. They can track their own performance easily. Plus it gives them something to hold that is not too distracting. I am on my third round of counters because I keep wearing them out. The Superduper ones are great quality, and I like that you can set them down on the table.

Tally Counter
by Margaret D.,  Summerville, SC
#TC34 – Super Duper® Tally Counter
I bought 12 tally counters so that both my students and I use them. Should the child get a correct response, he scores a point on his own Tally Counter. Should he score an incorrect response, I get a tally on my own Tally Counter. The students love them and we get reliable information on their accuracy rates.

Fantastic Tool!
by Goldie,  Toronto, On
#TC34 – Super Duper® Tally Counter
The tally counter is so useful. It makes keeping track of students progress so much easier. Instead of making lines on my papers and having to count everything up after I have it write their with just a click of the button. I also use it sometimes as a reinforcement tool for the kids and they love it.

TC34 -  Super Duper® Tally Counter $12.95 
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