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Indi with Communicator 5 Software

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Indi from Tobii Dynavox was designed specifically for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Indi comes with all user needs fully integrated—including unique capabilities like Environmental Control Units, Infrared, and access to social media, email, and texting. Indi is ready to go right out of the box and allows users to start communicating immediately, without the frustration of complicated setup time.
Indi with Communicator 5 is a versatile suite to help literate users with disabilities communicate more effectively. Designed to be easy to use and customize, it empowers users with tools for precise speech, e-mail, text messaging, environmental controls, and more. Communicator 5’s suite of functions lets users maintain a high level of independence. Available in English only.
Communicator 5 is a software package designed to help individuals with communication disabilities communicate more efficiently. It comes with language content intended to match every AAC need. You can customize content through easy-to-use editing tools and communicate via text or symbols, as well as high-quality speech for face-to-face communication.
With a modern user interface, improved workflows, smart functions, and easy access for caregivers, you can keep language up to date and communicate more efficiently. Personalization is supported by an array of customizable options such as unique pagesets, voices, and built-in functions to support message banking, while industry best-practice techniques keep communication progress moving forward.
TDY23 -  Indi with Communicator 5 Software $1,699.95 
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