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Snap Scene™ App

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Snap Scene is perfect for in-the-moment learning opportunities. Take a photo and tag it with recordings to let your child communicate on the fly. Snap Scene turns everyday moments into chances to learn to communicate naturally. Focus on the topics and content that interest your child no matter where you are or what you’re doing. By using Snap Scene, your child is an active part of the conversation. It’s as simple as:
  1. Take a photo
  2. Outline the objects of interest
  3. Record a message for each object
  4. Save
Beginning early can make the difference between language learning success and lifelong language difficulties. Snap Scene will set your child on the right path to communication. Snap Scene is designed for young children, as early as infancy, at the beginning stages of learning communication who do not speak, may be slower in learning to talk, may speak but are difficult to understand, or are at risk for communication challenges.
Benefits of Snap Scene include:
  • Simple design—spend more time communicating rather than time flipping through a manual
  • Natural and intuitive navigation between scenes—no training is required
  • Tap on a hotspot and the word appears on the screen when spoken—this reinforces word meaning and literacy
  • Recordings are in a familiar voice that’s recognizable to your child
Available for iOS (iPad) and Windows (I-Series+).
TDY39 -  Snap Scene™ App $49.99 
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