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Boardmaker® with Speaking Dynamically Pro®

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Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro is the natural choice for students who need support with communication. It delivers the same on-screen and print options of Boardmaker Plus! and Boardmaker, but it also gives students challenged by speech even more power with high-quality voices, word prediction, and abbreviation expansion.
Speaking Dynamically Pro is a dynamic screen communication software that allows you to use a computer as a powerful speech output device. It can also be used to create interactive educational activities.
Speaking Dynamically Pro is used to:
  • More actively involve students in an inclusive setting
  • Provide opportunities for communication
  • Teach and reinforce curriculum concepts
  • Encourage and promote writing
  • Make interactive books adapted for each student and curriculum
  • Provide assessments on the computer
  • Train individuals on using symbols, switches, and dynamic displays
Speaking Dynamically Pro is ideal for all ages and abilities. You can now link boards together and import photos easily into your interactive activities.
All English versions of Boardmaker are currently 6.1.6. CD/DVD drive required to run Boardmaker software: If intended computer does not have a CD/DVD drive, please consider Boardmaker Online.
TDY44 -  Boardmaker® with Speaking Dynamically Pro® $749.95 
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