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v6 for Windows

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Boardmaker is a trusted tool for parents, teachers, and therapists to create symbol-adapted accessible curriculum materials for students—regardless of their abilities.
Boardmaker v6 for Windows lets you create valuable printed materials, like communication boards, sequences, and schedules that are perfect for all of your students. Easy-to-use features let you design your own materials, with symbols supported in 44 languages, and choose the topics, symbols, labels, colors, borders, languages, and more—all designed to help your students reach classroom goals.
Educators are using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) with Boardmaker to enhance learning and communication for their special needs students. Boardmaker gives educators the ability to create a wide range of materials with its time-saving tools and features. Here are some ideas for materials you can create:
  • Visual schedules and social skills stories for children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Materials to reinforce common educational, behavioral, and functional living skills
  • Books and symbol-supported literacy activities for beginning and pre-readers
  • Communication boards and device overlays for non-verbal students
  • Worksheets and flash cards for English Language Learners
  • Song and story boards for preschoolers
All English versions of Boardmaker are currently 6.1.6. CD/DVD drive required to run Boardmaker software: If intended computer does not have a CD/DVD drive, please consider Boardmaker Online.
TDY45 -  Boardmaker® v6 for Windows $399.98 
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