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Throat Scope®

Light Up Your Mouth and Throat

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Why use Throat Scope?
Used by health professionals and parents all over the globe, Throat Scope is easy to use and allows for fast and accurate examinations. Examine sore throats, check for tonsillitis, look for new teeth, and investigate mouth sores. Professionals can also use Throat Scope for oral cancer screenings, oral mechanism examinations, articulation therapy, and oral cavity examinations.
Step 1. - Attach the depressor to the handle and automatically activate the light.
Step 2. - Complete your mouth or throat examination.
Step 3. - Detach the depressor from the handle to deactivate the light.
THS23 -  Throat Scope (1 handle + 2 blades) $19.99 
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THS34 -  Throat Scope Replacement Blades (50) $15.00 
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