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Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language

by Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk - All Ages

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  • Testing Time: 30 to 45 minutes for core battery
  • Two Record Forms – One for ages 3-6, the other for ages 7-21
  • Norm-referenced; standard scores, age equivalents, and percentiles
  • Complete CASL kit includes: Examiner's Manual, Norms Books, Test Books 1-3, 12 each of Record Forms 1 (ages 3-6) and Record Forms 2 (ages 7-21). (1999)
  • Qualification Level: B
The CASL provides a precise picture of problems with language processing skills (comprehension, expression, and retrieval) in four language structure categories: Lexical/Semantic, Syntactic, Supralinguistic, and Pragmatic. Fifteen highly reliable separate subtests can each be used as a stand-alone test. Core tests measure the most representative aspects of each language category while supplementary tests provide additional diagnostic information.
The CASL battery is ideal for measuring delayed language, oral language disorders, dyslexia, and aphasia. Only a verbal or nonverbal (pointing) response is required. Reading or writing ability is not needed to respond to test items.
TMF536 -  CASL Record Form 1 (ages 3-6) (12) $48.99 
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