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Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory

Ages 5;0-12;11

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Parent and Teacher Friendly
by Sharon R,  CT
#TM635 – PLSI Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory Complete Kit
The PLSI was recommended to me by a SLP/BCBA colleague who had been using it for several years. For over a year now, it also has been my "go to" pragmatics inventory. It's parent and teacher friendly, standardized, and identifies specific areas for instruction. Is an upper extension of this test being planned? The high school SLP on my team says she wants one!

by RWM - Psychologist,  Metro Atlanta
#TM635 – PLSI Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory Complete Kit
This is a very nice questionnaire for classroom staff that helps clarify the students actual use of various pragmatic language skills across 3 levels within the day-to-day classroom. It's been an excellent source of information from people who work with the student and their peers when a question exists of whether a student actually uses his skills in real world settings.

Useless test don't waste your money!
by GIGi,  Savannah, GA
#TM635 – PLSI Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory Complete Kit
I should have questioned why so little information was provided about this test in the product description. This is nothing more than a questionnaire with a 9 point rating scale based on my impression of how a child compares to his peers. I can't believe that a subjective opinion is the basis for normative data. I expected a test that provided standard scores would use objective measures to calculate scores.

TM635 -  PLSI Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory Complete Kit $121.00 
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TMF636 -  PLSI Summary/Response Forms (25) $59.00 
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