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SSI-4: Stuttering Severity Instrument

Fourth Edition (2009)

by Glyndon D. Riley - Ages 2;10+

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The fourth edition of the SSI is the only standardized stuttering assessment available. Newly updated and normed, this test will improve how you measure stuttering severity in children and adults. Administer the test in just 15 to 20 minutes. Then weigh your results against normative data collected from subjects ages two years and up.
The test covers four areas of speech behavior:
  1. Frequency (expressed in percent syllables stuttered and converted to scale scores of 2–18)
  2. Duration (timed to the nearest one tenth of a second and converted to scale scores of 2–18)
  3. Physical concomitants (converted to scale scores of 0–20)
  4. Naturalness of the individual’s speech
The SSI-4 can also be used in conjunction with the Stuttering Prediction Instruments for Young Children (SPI).
Packaged in a sturdy storage box, the complete kit includes:
  • An Examiner’s Manual and Picture Plates
  • 50 Test-Record and Frequency-Computation Forms
  • Qualification Level: A
  • Subjective Stuttering Scales
TM772 -  SSI-4 Complete Kit $140.00 
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TMF773 -  SSI-4 Record Forms (50) $66.00 
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