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SSI-4: Stuttering Severity Instrument

Fourth Edition (2009)

by Glyndon D. Riley - Ages 2;10+

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Great test and free shipping!
by Rachel K,  St Paul, MN
#TM772 - SSI-4 Complete Kit
Nothing beats Super Duper's free shipping, especially when it comes to tests! The SSI-4 is one of our tried and tests for dysfluency.

by Cara K,  Michigan
#TMF773 - SSI-4 Record Forms (50)
Ordering was quick and easy. Forms were delivered in a timely manner and was exactly what I ordered.

Great Test
by Pam L.,  Alabama
#TM772 - SSI-4 Complete Kit
I like the SSI-4 because it is easy to use. I'm excited about the scoring CD that was included!

SSI-4 Record Forms
by Ginger M,  San Antonio, TX
#TMF773 - SSI-4 Record Forms (50)
We use this assessment regularly for home health speech therapy.

Stuttering Severity Instrument -4
by Ris'e M.,  Round Lake Heights, IL
#TM772 - SSI-4 Complete Kit
I received the product in a couple of days. It was in good condition. This experience is what I've come to expect from Super Duper because of the quality of their products and their customer service.

A core tool to have in your tool chest!
by Tawni M.,  Seattle, WA
#TM772 - SSI-4 Complete Kit
This is a great assessment to use to quickly show families/insurance companies where an individual's fluency skills are at. Wish the pictures were in color/bigger and in a manual that can stand alone on a table.

SSI Stuttering Severity Instrument
by Terri D,  New Jersey
#TM772 - SSI-4 Complete Kit
This is a tried and true assessment of stuttering which has set guidelines for years. Have always used this evaluative instrument and have just purchased the latest edition. It is easy to use and yields accurate results.

SSI-4 Complete Kit
by Susan J,  Ann Arbor, MI
#TM772 - SSI-4 Complete Kit
Super Duper Publications is the resource I turn to first when looking for test forms, training utensils, stickers, etc for use in our clinic. The wide variety of products available are competitive in price. The website is easy to navigate and orders can be placed in a snap, with free shipping that is fast and dependable. It’s always a pleasure to place an order with Super Duper!

by DC,  TN
#TM772 - SSI-4 Complete Kit
The software included in the complete kit is helpful to calculate/analyze data obtained from speech samples. It's much faster than the old way of writing, counting, and figuring percentages of written dots/dashes made as you listen to your recoding. This tool allows you to calculate, save, calculate again, and save again (if you wish) to verify your findings. There are still areas left to the subjective view of the examiner, but that is to be expected; assessment of fluency is somewhat subjective in nature ... period. Overall, I found the instrument helpful.

by Kathy G.
#TMF773 - SSI-4 Record Forms (50)
I love the new hear builder following directions and phonological awareness CD. The areas align with state standards. The graphics are wonderful and my students loved the demo. My students love chipper chat series and Auditory Memory for Quick Stories. We order most test products through Super Duper as well.

by Racheal M.
#TMF773 - SSI-4 Record Forms (50)
I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

TM772 -  SSI-4 Complete Kit $140.00 
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