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Oral and Written Language Scales, Second Edition

by Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, Ph.D. - Ages 3;0–21;11

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by Lori Q,  Florida
#TMF795 – OWLS-II LC/OE Record Forms (25)
This has become a go to test product for all my 67 SLP's in Volusia County.

by Beth S,  Wichita, KS
#TMF795 – OWLS-II LC/OE Record Forms (25)
The OWLS-II LC/OE is user friendly and gives you a comprehensive look at Receptive and Expressive language. The record forms are easy to use and easy to analyze errors.

Test Protocol
by Belinda B.,  Searcy, AR
#TMF795 – OWLS-II LC/OE Record Forms (25)
I love that there are so many tests and protocol available on one website. It makes ordering and reordering so convenient. Thanks SD for all your great products over the years!

Fast Service
by Alaine M.,  Orlando, FL
#TMF795 – OWLS-II LC/OE Record Forms (25)
Super Duper always does a fantastic job of delivering products quickly and efficiently, which helps keep our private practice running smoothly.

OWLS-II Response Booklets
by Kathleen N.,  Westford, MA
#TMF799 – OWLS-II WE Response Booklets (25)
Thank you, Super Duper Inc., for sending the response booklets so quickly! I love the OWL-II for testing language, reading, and writing. I would recommend the test to all SLPs who work with children with language, reading, or writing impairments.

by Betty W.,  Newport News, VA
#TMF795 – OWLS-II LC/OE Record Forms (25)
I am very pleased with this product. They were shipped in a timely manner, and packed securely.

I love this test!
by Kathleen N.,  Westford, MA
#TM800 – OWLS-II LC/OE and RC/WE Combo Kit
I bought this test for a new client who was referred to me due to assess his reading comprehension and written expression skills. The test was very thorough, and I feel confident the test was able to help me find his deficit areas and to create goals. His parents will use my assessment when approaching the school to enroll him in special education.

by Katie P,  Layton, UT
#TM794 – OWLS-II LC/OE Complete Kit
I love the new OWLS-II. It is easy to use, very comprehensive, and quick to administer. We use this test at all of the charter schools that we serve through my speech business. I use this with almost all of my language students. This helps me know if I need to do further assessments and in which areas.

New OWL-2
by Sharon J,  Dawn, Texas
#TM794 – OWLS-II LC/OE Complete Kit
Great pictures, really like the updated OWL-2

by Michelle P.,  Stockbridge, GA
#TM794 – OWLS-II LC/OE Complete Kit
The OWLS-II is much more improved than than the former version. The language is more understandable. Its illustrations reflect diverse cultures. It also includes assessment of some prereading skills required of preschool children. The record forms are more pleasing to the eye and makes it easier for answers to be recorded. Overall great improvement!

TM794 -  OWLS-II LC/OE Complete Kit $547.00 
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TM796 -  OWLS-II RC/WE Complete Kit $547.00 
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TM800 -  OWLS-II LC/OE and RC/WE Combo Kit $879.00 
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TMF795 -  OWLS-II LC/OE Record Forms (25) $74.00 
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TMF797 -  OWLS-II RC/WE Record Forms (25) $74.00 
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TMF799 -  OWLS-II WE Response Booklets (25) $45.00 
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TMF900 -  OWLS-II LC/OE Record Form B (25) $74.00 
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TMF901 -  OWLS-II RC/WE Record Form B (25) $74.00 
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