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Test of Word Finding – Third Edition

by Diane German - Ages: 4;6-12;11

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  • Ages: 4;6-12;11
  • Testing Time: 20-30 minutes
  • Norm referenced; provides raw scores, chronological ages, word-finding quotients, and percentile ranks
  • TWF-3 complete kit includes; Examiner’s Manual, Word Finding Assessment Picture Book, Comprehension Check Picture Book, 10 Preprimary Examiner Record Forms, 10 Primary Examiner Record Forms, and 10 Intermediate Examiner Record Forms
  • Boxed (2015)
  • Qualification Level: B
The Test of Word Finding-Third Edition (TWF-3) is a norm-referenced, single-word expressive language test designed to assess children’s word-finding abilities. The TWF-3 aids in identifying students who have word-finding problems, planning word-finding interventions, and measuring word-finding abilities in research studies.
The latest revision of the TWF-3 includes new normative data, new noun and verb targets, and a revised model of lexical processing. The Comprehension Check functions as a built-in assessment of a student's word knowledge. The TWF-3 contains both a standardized assessment and an informal assessment to aid clinicians in identifying children with word-finding problems. The standard and informal assessments are integral features of comprehensive word-finding assessments.
The TWF-3 includes three age- and grade-appropriate forms:
  • Preprimary – Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Primary – Grades 1 and 2
  • Intermediate – Grades 3 through 6
The standardized assessment of the TWF-3 combines 4 sections to form an overall Word-Finding Index:
  • Picture Naming: Nouns
  • Sentence Completion Naming
  • Picture Naming: Verbs
  • Picture Naming: Categories
The TWF-3 also provides five informal assessments that examine types of word-finding errors and contribute to interpreting the Word-Finding Index.
Valid and Reliable
The TWF-3 has ample evidence of both reliability and validity. Internal consistency reliability exceeds .85, and test-retest coefficients for the Word-Finding Index exceed .80. Statistical analysis indicates the TWF-3 is able to accurately identify students with word-finding difficulties, as sensitivity is .86 and specificity is .78. An additional analysis of the TWF-3 shows there is no racial or gender bias.
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