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Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language - Second Edition (2017)

by Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, PhD - 3 to 21;11 years

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Super Duper is Super Duper to work with!
by Kim D,  Radford VA
#TM874 - CASL-2 & OPUS Combo Kit
We are an academic clinic at a state university. It is almost unheard of to find a company that can deliver a product in short notice and works well with the cumbersome purchasing schemes. Super Duper processed this order and got the product to us in less than 48 hours across two states!! The materials were in pristine condition and our clinician was able to begin using them with clients immediately!

by Lori Q
#TM874 - CASL-2 & OPUS Combo Kit
The CASL 2 is the perfect global language assessment; it encompasses all areas of language including pragmatics. The administration is simple with easy to follow guidelines and reminders for repetition and basal/ceiling. The test kit itself is heavy and takes quite a bit of time to administer. You can easily stop between subtests if needed. Includes in-the-moment scoring guidelines for common dialectical differences.

by Lori Q,  Florida
#TMF859 - CASL-2 Comprehensive Forms (Ages 3-21;11) (10)
CASL-2 is one of the most comprehensive evaluations to date. The norms were tested on disability groups allowing the result to valid and legally defensible. The test is long to give.

by Christie G.,  Colorado Springs
#TMF859 - CASL-2 Comprehensive Forms (Ages 3-21;11) (10)
Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language - Second Edition - Enjoy the wider age range as we deal with all pediatrics, as well as more streamline scoring.

CASL-2 Preschool Forms
by Laura W.,  Big Lake, MN
#TMF858 - CASL-2 Preschool Forms (Ages 3-6) (10)
Exactly what we needed.

by Parrish H.,  Tampa, FL
#TM857 - CASL-2 Complete Kit
I just received the CASL-2 and the OPUS and although I just gave it to my first student, I am so impressed with the evaluations overall! I just love the user friendly way of administering the tests and I feel that I can really trust the data and research which is so foundational for both of the evaluations by Dr. Carrow - Woolfolk. Between the manual and free online scoring I feel that this was definitely worth my investment!

TM857 -  CASL-2 Complete Kit $667.00 
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TM874 -  CASL-2 & OPUS Combo Kit $777.00 
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TMF858 -  CASL-2 Preschool Forms (Ages 3-6) (10) $55.00 
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TMF859 -  CASL-2 Comprehensive Forms (Ages 3-21;11) (10) $59.00 
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