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Photo Articulation Test - Third Edition

by Barbara A. Lippke, Stanley E. Dickey, John W. Selmar, and Anton L. Soder - Ages: 3;0-8;11

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  • Testing Time: 20 minutes
  • Norm-referenced; standard scores, percentiles and age equivalents
  • Complete PAT-3 includes: Examiner's Manual, Photo Album Picture Book, Picture Card Deck, and 50 Summary/ Response Forms, all in a sturdy storage box. (1997)
  • Qualification Level: B
The Photo Articulation Test-Third Edition (PAT-3) is a completely revised edition of the popular Photo Articulation Test. It meets the nationally recognized need for a standardized way to document the presence of articulation errors. The PAT-3 enables the clinician to rapidly and accurately assess and interpret articulation errors. The test consists of 72 color photographs (9 photos on each of eight sheets). The first 69 photos test consonants and all but one vowel, and one vowel and diphthong. The remaining three pictures test connected speech and the remaining vowel and diphthong. You also receive a deck of the same 72 color photographs for further diagnosis and speech-language remediation. Over 800 students in 23 states participated in the norming study.
Administration and Scoring
The PAT-3 can be administered in about 20 minutes and is easily scored. The child identifies each photo presented by the examiner who records the responses directly onto the Profile/Record Forms. All elicited sounds are arranged by age of acquisition and grouped by the age at which the sounds were correctly articulated by 90% of the normative sample. Scores are reported as standard scores, percentiles, and age-equivalents.
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