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Secord Contextual Articulation Tests

by Wayne A. Secord, Ph.D. & Richard E. Shine, Ed.D. - Ages 4;0-Adult

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Review of the S-CAT
by Kristen V.,  Grand Rapids, MI
#TM90 - S-CAT Complete Kit
The S-CAT, or the Secord Contextual Articulation Test, is a program that helps speech pathologists diagnose and evaluate articulation and phonological disorders more accurately and efficiently. Of the articulation tests I have observed as a speech pathology student, this is the most exhaustive, effective, and informative. Because this program gives the speech pathologist the opportunity to evaluate clients before, during, and after treatment, I would recommend the S-CAT to any speech pathologist in need of a comprehensive articulation program. First of all, this program gives the speech pathologist the opportunity to evaluate clients before treatment. The pretreatment results guide the therapist in choosing the best therapy method for each client. For example, I observed a speech pathologist administer this test to a young girl adopted from China. With this information, the therapist was able to determine a course of treatment that would target this particular phoneme. Next, the results obtained during treatment allow the clinician to evaluate the efficacy of the chosen treatment option. Since the S-CAT provides percentage-correct scores, the therapist can compare the pretreatment results to the current results. For example, the same young girl mentioned above showed remarkable improvement in her production of the phoneme /r/ when the clinician re-administered the test. Therefore, it was clear that therapy had been effective. Finally, the post-treatment results help the therapist decide when the client has improved enough to terminate therapy. Comparison of post-treatment results to pre-treatment results reveal when a client has made enough progression to end therapy. The young girl I have observed in my sessions has not yet made enough improvement to finish her clinic visits, but administration of the S-CAT will indicate when this is the case. The S-CAT is a complete testing system that can be used for a plethora of articulation errors. It aids the speech therapist in making important decisions, such as what course of treatment to use and when to conclude therapy. It also offers insight about how well different treatments are working. Therefore, from my observations, I highly recommend the Secord Contextual Articulation Test above any other articulation test I have encountered.

Great tool
by Susan W.,  Texarkana, TX
#TM90 - S-CAT Complete Kit
The S-CAT is a great tool for demonstrating progress and measuring problem areas. I am especially excited to have it for the client that has no errors in words but has lots of errors in conversation. I just wish it had some norms.

Easy Test
by Shala G.,  St. Louis, MO
#CAAP99 - CAAP and S-CAT Combo
I purchased this combo deal at a discount. The CAAP is really easy to give and doesn't take much time. The articulation portion is given and then you can score the phonological portion using the articulation scores. There are extra phonological tasks you can give if you're unsure about the data you took on the articulation test. Kids seem to really like this test and the little animals that go with it. Cons: Only test sounds in initial and final position. Pros: Easy and quick. I haven't used the SCAT too much, but it's nice when you want to practice sounds in a specific context. It provides lists of sounds in words with different contexts, but you have to provide your own pictures if you want to do flashcards.

by Sharon D.,  Tampa, FL
#TM90 - S-CAT Complete Kit
I recently bought the S-CAT to use with my articulation kids. It has been an invaluable tool with pinpointing errors in the exact location. It not only provides word prompts, but sentence and story as well. It also gives an extensive list of target words to use for practice. However, it can be difficult to use with non-readers, due to having to make your own picture cards for the stimulus words. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and recommend it for anyone who wants an extensive diagnostic tool to determine the best practice stimulus for therapy.

by Kathy G.
#TM90 - S-CAT Complete Kit
I love the new hear builder following directions and phonological awareness CD. The areas align with state standards. The graphics are wonderful and my students loved the demo. My students love chipper chat series and Auditory Memory for Quick Stories. We order most test products through Super Duper as well.

by Jennifer Conley
#TM90 - S-CAT Complete Kit
I love the products you sell. I enjoy the articulation products and the fun decks are so easy to use!

by Kerri L.
#TM90 - S-CAT Complete Kit
I love being able to get all of my therapy supplies in one place! You have such a broad range of products that can be used for the entire continuum of my students---everything from articulation to autism.

by Loa D States Uhrich
#TM90 - S-CAT Complete Kit
I love my articulation cards and games. The pictures are colorful and accurrate. The kids love the artwork.

by Tomi Banks
#TM90 - S-CAT Complete Kit
I really enjoy the diagnostic assessments that Super Duper offers as well as the treatment tools. After working with the same diagnostic assessments for years, they have become {simply put }boring. I enjoy the bright colors, new pictures, and even the training you provide for your products. My clients love them too. Thanks for your creativity and FREE STUFF!; they make my job so much easier.

TM90 -  S-CAT Complete Kit $230.00 
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