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Development Profile 4

by Gerald D. Alpern, PhD - Ages: Birth to 21;11

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  • Testing Time: 20-40 minutes
  • Norm-referenced: Standard Scores, Percentiles, Stanines, Age Equivalents, Descriptive Ranges, and Growth Scores
  • Complete DP-4 kit includes: 25 Parent/Caregiver Interview Forms; 25 Teacher Checklists; 25 Parent/Caregiver Checklists; 5 Clinician Rating Forms; Manual. (2020)
  • Qualification Level: B
The DP-4 can be used for a wide range of referral questions related to child development. It’s a great way to investigate puzzling behavior, respond to parental concerns, or follow up on teacher observations. The test can lead to answers even when you only have a hunch that the child may have a problem. The DP-4 can be completed by multiple raters to provide a more complete picture of how the child displays skills in different settings.
Because the DP-4 meets federal criteria for evaluating children with developmental concerns, it’s useful in helping determine eligibility for special education as well as developing IEPs. Its five scales correspond to the five domains specified in IDEA for assessing developmental delays:
  • Physical: Large- and small-muscle coordination, strength, stamina, flexibility, and sequential motor skills
  • Adaptive Behavior: Ability to cope independently with the environment—to eat, dress, work, use current technology, and take care of self and others
  • Social–Emotional: Interpersonal skills, social–emotional understanding, functioning in social situations, and manner in which the child relates to peers and adults
  • Cognitive: Intellectual abilities and skills prerequisite for academic achievement
  • Communication: Expressive and receptive communication skills, including written, spoken, and gestural language
The DP-4 is a powerful, quick, and cost-effective developmental test that can help you:
  • Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Compare development in different key areas
  • Plan intervention with item-by-item teaching activities
  • Determine eligibility for special education
  • Write IEP goals
  • Determine specific areas for further assessment
  • Monitor progress over time
What’s new in the DP-4:
  • Upgraded with a broader age range
  • New growth scores monitor progress over time
  • Updated norms based on a new, 2018 nationally representative standardization sample
  • Two new forms (Teacher Checklist and Clinician Rating) strengthen overall evaluation
  • Norms now include Spanish Language and clinical cases
  • Updated items to accommodate children who are deaf/hard of hearing
The DP-4 is a comprehensive assessment instrument with a simple yes-or-no response format that includes 190 test items, each describing a particular skill. The respondent indicates whether or not the child has mastered the skill in question. Within each of the five scales on the interview form, start and stop rules are used, so you don’t have to administer all items. Each scale has its own norms, so you don’t have to use all five scales if you’re interested in just one area of development. Additionally, there’s an intervention activity for every item.
Complete DP-4 kit includes: 25 Parent/Caregiver Interview Forms; 25 Teacher Checklists; 25 Parent/Caregiver Checklists; 5 Clinician Rating Forms; Manual.
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