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Kaufman Speech Praxis Test for Children

by Nancy R. Kaufman, M.A., CCC/SLP - Ages 2;0-5;11

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  • Testing Time: 5-15 minutes depending upon severity of disorder.
  • Norm-referenced; provides standard scores and percentiles.
  • KSPT complete kit includes: Manual, Clinician's Guide, 25 Test Booklets, each can be used twice; once for original assessment and once for a follow-up test. (1995)
  • Qualification Level: B
The KSPT assists in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental apraxia (dyspraxia) of speech in preschool children.
The KSPT identifies the level of breakdown in a child’s ability to speak in order to establish treatment and track improvement. Easy to administer and score, the test helps measure a child’s imitative responses to the clinician, locates where the child’s speech system is breaking down, and points to a systematic course of treatment.
Results of the KSPT are useful beyond establishing an initial diagnosis. Measure and quantify gains in motor-speech several ways. Individual sections of the test help the clinician establish treatment goals and measure progress. Use KSPT results to generate goals for Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). This assessment tool is critical for speech-language pathologists who work with children in public schools, hospitals, universities, and private practice.
Highlights of the KSPT:
  • Items organized from simple to complex motor-speech movements, using meaningful words
    whenever possible
  • Imitative, stimulus/response format that can be administered easily without pictorial stimulation
  • Norm-referenced and standardized items that provide a raw score, a standard score, and a percentile ranking for each part of the test
  • A diagnostic rating scale that assists in delineating severity levels on a continuum
  • Normative information related to the "normal" speaking population of children and the "disordered" population
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