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Sensory Processing Measure™

Ages 5;0-12;0

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  • Ages: 5 to 12 years
  • Administration Time: 15-20 minutes for each of the three forms
  • Norm-referenced: standard scores
  • SPM Complete Kit includes: 25 Home AutoScore Forms; 25 Main Classroom AutoScore Forms; School Environments Form CD; and Manual. (2010)
  • Boxed.
  • Qualification Level: B
Sensory Processing Measure (SPM) provides a complete picture of a child's sensory processing difficulties at school and at home. This unique assessment is the first to show how sensory processing problems manifest in various settings. The SPM includes 3 rating forms: Home Form (completed by the child's parent or home-based care provider; Main Classroom Form - filled out by the child's primary classroom teacher; School Environments Form - completed by other school personnel who work with and observe the child.
These forms provide norm-referenced standard scores for two higher-level integrative functions: praxis and social participation, and five sensory systems – visual, auditory, tactile, proprioceptive, and vestibular. With each system, the SPM also offers descriptive clinical information on processing vulnerabilities, including under- and over- responsiveness, sensory seeking behavior, and perceptual problems.
The Home and Main Classroom Forms yield eight parallel standard scores:
  • Social Participation
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Body Awareness (proprioception)
  • Balance and Motion (vestibular function)
  • Panning and Ideas (praxis)
  • Total Sensory Systems
Standards scores for the SPM are based on a nationally representative sample of 1,051 children. Additional data was collected on a clinical sample of 345 children.
TMF844 -  SPM Home AutoScore Forms (25) $66.00 
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