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Autism: A Guide for Educators, Clinicians, and Parents

by Bob Buckendorf, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Editor) - Grades K & Up

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Autism - A Guide for Educators, Clinicians, and Parents is an interdisciplinary study of the diagnosis and treatment for the growing number of children with autism. The book is the result of extensive research and personal experiences of educators and private practice clinicians who wish to share practical and useful information to their colleagues and parents of the children they serve. From the history of autism to the most current educational approaches and interventions, this book covers a broad range of topics and issues, giving the reader valuable insight in understanding this challenging diagnosis.
Topics include the broad spectrum of the medical diagnosis of autism, differential diagnosis, educational eligibility, state disability programs and funding, early behavioral intervention programs, and alternative medical therapies. 182 pages. Perfect-bound.
  • Chapter 1: Autism: Definition, History, and Diagnosis
  • Chapter 2: Differential Diagnosis: If It's Not Autism, Then What is It?
  • Chapter 3: Audiological Assessment of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Chapter 4: Behavioral Language Interventions for Autism
  • Chapter 5: Child-Directed, Social-Pragmatic Developmental Approaches
  • Chapter 6: Comparison of Educational Interventions
  • Chapter 7: Complimentary and Alternative Therapies
  • Chapter 8: School-Based Services
Click here for an interview with Bob Buckendorf, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Author of Autism: A Guide for Educators, Clinicians, and Parents
TP297 -  Autism: A Guide for Educators, Clinicians, and Parents $49.00 
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