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Language Strategies
for Little Ones, Children, and Older Students

Activity Sheets

by Michele Fagan & Vicki Prouty - Grades K-8

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Language Strategies implements high-interest, curriculum-based lessons focusing on language comprehension, oral expression, and story grammar knowledge.Each book design includes three units that give students instruction and opportunities to practice listening, oral expression skills, and story grammar elements. The reproducible lessons reinforce listening, questioning, categorizing, sequencing, reasoning, and vocabulary skills.
Language Strategies integrates whole language philosophy, classroom curriculum concepts, literature-based intervention techniques, and strategies for self-prompting. Lessons capitalize on students’ visual strengths by providing creative, visual reminders of strategies. The program components include lessons, homework activities, skills checklists, parent newsletters, and a summer calendar. These materials work together to maximize learning, generalization, and skill maintenance.
In each Language Strategies book:
  • Unit One presents listening activities students need for classroom success and includes lessons on fact/opinion and giving/receiving directions.
  • Unit Two focuses on oral expression skills through activities involving categorization, comparing/contrasting, synonyms/antonyms, analogies, and multiple meaning words.
  • Unit Three practices the story grammar elements of main idea, cause and effect, summarizing, etc.
Language Strategies for Little Ones is for children in Grades K-1.
Language Strategies for Children is for students in Grades 2-5.
Language Strategies for Older Students is for students in Grades 5-8.
TPX10001 -  Language Strategies for Children $37.99 
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TPX10002 -  Language Strategies for Little Ones $37.95 
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TPX10004 -  Language Strategies for Older Students $34.95 
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TPX10124 -  Language Strategies Combo - (Includes all 3) $110.89 
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