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Interactive Sing-Along Big Books Set 3

Articulation and Phonological Patterns
With Music CD

by Dottie Zimmerman - Grades PreK and Up

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Teach early articulation skills, phonological patterns, language concepts, and more with these Interactive Sing-Along Big Books. This newest set of our popular book series is preassembled to make them easy to use—no cutting and pasting—and includes a music CD with two recordings of all songs in this interactive sing-along series. One track uses a slower pace to help children learn the song. The second track has a more natural pace for children after the learn the song.
Children move cute story pieces from one page to the next as they sing original lyrics to popular tunes. The colorful, preassembled Big Books (11" x 17") are individually spiral-bound with laminated, heavy-stock pages. The song pieces attach with Velcro® to each page. The lyrics to the music are on the back of each book for easy reference as you listen and sing along with the accompanying music CD.
Set 3
  • Valley Cave and Foggy Forest (Tune: "Shortenin' Bread") - Initial and Final F and V; phonological patterns for voicing contrasts, word-initial consonants, and word final consonants; and language concepts for vocabulary, present tense verbs, following directions, and rhyming.
  • Tom and Don Shop (Tune: "Jack and Jill") - Initial and Final T and D; phonological patterns for word-initial consonants, word-final consonants, and voicing contrasts; and language concepts for verb tenses, repeating word patterns, following directions, basic concepts, conjunctions, and adjectives.
  • Guy and Kay's Big Day Out (Tune: "The Farmer in the Dell") - Initial and Final K and G; phonological patterns for velars, word-initial consonants, word final consonants; and language concepts for vocabulary, present tense verbs, following directions and rhyming.
  • Nicki and Mickey (Tune: "London Bridge is Falling Down") - Initial and Final N and M; phonological patterns for nasals, word-initial consonants, word-final consonants; and language concepts for verb tense, repeating word patterns, adjectives, conjunctions, proper nouns, and following directions.
  • Pat and Abe (Tune: "Mary Had a Little Lamb") - Initial and Final P and B; phonological patterns for labials, word-initial consonants, word-final consonants, voicing contrasts; and language concepts for verb tense, following directions, plural subjects, alliteration, repeating word patterns, and conjunctions.
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