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Working Out with Phonological Awareness

Fun Phonological Activities

by Linda R. Schreiber, Angela Sterling-Orth, Sarah A. Thurs, & Nancy L. McKinley - Grades PreK-4

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These 50 quick, easy-to-use, fun workouts provide practice opportunities for improving a student's listening and phonological awareness skills. There are six activities in each workout:
  • Segmenting syllables
  • Rhyming
  • Blending syllables
  • Segmenting sounds in words
  • Manipulating sounds
  • Working with clusters
Use these activities as warm-ups or as review exercises at school and at home. Also includes a reproducible recording form to assess skills and use the information to write IEP or intervention goals. 136 pages.
TPX18801 -  Working Out with Phonological Awareness $19.95 
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