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Months of Morphemes

A Theme-Based Cycles Approach

by Allison M. Haskill, Ann A. Tyler, and Leslie C. Tolbert - Grades PreK-1

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Months of Morphemes
by Lee F.,  Chicago, IL.
#TPX21301 - Months of Morphemes Book
It is a great book for morphemes and suffixes! The students enjoy all the things they get to do. I love your products!!!

by Andrea C,  Sheboygan, WI
#TPX21301 - Months of Morphemes Book
I like that I can use a theme-based approach and hone in on specific morphologic errors exhibited in many of my students language.

great resource for language groups
by Jamie S.,  Kent, WA
#TPX21301 - Months of Morphemes Book
I like doing language groups in preschool and special education classrooms, and I'm always looking for resources that make it easier to plan. The units focus on storybooks that are pretty common in any preschool class. I'm really happy with this purchase!

Good therapy tool
by Sharlene,  MD
#TPX21301 - Months of Morphemes Book
I purchased this book recently and haven't yet been able to read through it in its entirety but I like the concept of the book and how targeting various morphemes is outlined. Therapists will need to purchase and/or find books to accompany activities.

Some good ideas
by Mariel Phillips,  Rockville, MD
#TPX21301 - Months of Morphemes Book
This book had some nice ways go teaching and getting morphmese out of students. However many of the lessons required specific books and were very general. A few more lessons in there that required everyday materials and more specific directions would be nice

Months of Morphemes
by Nancy B.,  Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
#TPX21301 - Months of Morphemes Book
This book is excellent. It has handouts for parents to explain what language goal will be addressed, books to target the goal, activities that will be completed in therapy, and ideas for working on the same goal at home.

Months of Morphemes
by Andrea Hankins,  Washington, SD.C.
#TPX21301 - Months of Morphemes Book
I was attracted to the book because it gave me new approaches to old speech and language goals. While my strategies work I wanted new ways of delivering the same goals. I like the way the book lays it all out for me( i.e., sample script) and all I have to do is purchase the related books. It also gives ideas that the parents can use as well to help their child to increase his understanding of the target concepts. The book is an excellent resource for speech language pathologists as well as classroom teachers. I would recommend this book to any of my colleagues.

TPX21301 -  Months of Morphemes Book $39.95 
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