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A Multisensory Approach to Sound-Symbol Connections Book

by Peggy S. Northrup, MS - Grades K-3

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Help students make solid connections between phonemic awareness, sound-symbol relationships, and letter formation. This approach teaches hand symbols for the 29 consonants, vowels, and digraphs.
Use these symbols to teach students
  • Rhyming
  • Initial consonant identification
  • Word families
  • Phoneme blending and segmentations
  • Articulatory features of each sound
  • Phoneme-grapheme correspondence
Also includes
  • Guidelines for determining the order of presentation of phonemes
  • Written and pictorial descriptions of each hand symbol
  • Lesson format and an optional lesson script
  • Instruction activities
  • Appendices which include:
    • Rhyming test
    • The Yopp-Singer Test of Phoneme Segmentation
    • Elkonin boxes (a list of short-vowel books)
    • Reproducible rhyming cards and patterns
    • ABC book
    • Word family book
136 pages. Perfect-bound. Softcover.
TPX23201 -  The Literacy Link $24.95 
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