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The Grammar Processing Program

by Sandra McKinnis, M.A., CCC-SLP - Grades PreK & Up

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Best Purchase
by Amber,  Brandon,FL
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
This was a great purchase for me because I can target so many receptive and expressive goals! It has been put to great use already.

Love this Book!
by Kelly W.,  Buffalo, NY
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
I recently received this book and absolutely love it! I've been using it with my students as a speech and language warm up activity. My students love it and it helps to refresh and review their grammar skills. I wish that the pages were thicker though and that the book would fold over to stand up, similar to those used for assessments.

by Galina Z.,  New York, NY
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
It is an amazing program that I use with the students with auditory processing and memory as well as receptive language disorders, I have all three programs and they are effective!

Just what I was looking for
by Karen S.,  McCook, NE
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
I wanted to find a way to help preschool teachers understand the importance of teaching grammar skills and have it come to their mind during the rest of the day so they can work on those skills throughout the day. Reminders and notes didn't help. Having them go through these pages with the students as "speech homework" helped the teachers be cognizant of the grammatical structure in a way they would remember and reinforce the structure throughout the day.

Excellent resource
by Dana S.,  Southington, CT
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
A great resource for kids of all levels. Starts at the basic level of receptive grammar but gets increasingly more difficult. Have been using this program for about a month but have already been able to measure growth in all of my students. A great purchase for any school based SLP!

Great Resource Tool
by Lori D,  Riverdale, NJ
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
This can be used in conjunction with pre-testing and post testing grammatical skills in children and adults. Great pictures & easy to use!!

Excellent Resource
by Peggy B.,  Vero Beach, FL
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
I am so pleased with this product. I use almost every day. I love the quality colored pictures and the variety of grammatical structures it covers.

by Donna B.,  Centralia, WA
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
I like it a lot! I use it for all students having difficulty with grammatical structures. Wish there were a few more "foils" as some of the stimuli are easy to pick out. Also, wish there were more pages per grammatical structure. Overall, though, nice material.

Processing Program
by Rhiannon R,  Florence AL
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
The Processing Program (Grammar) has been a great tool for teaching those tricky grammar concepts.

Grammar Processing Program
by MM,  Murrieta, CA
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
I haven't used the program very long, but the initial response from my students has been great! They look forward to moving up the levels and respond well to the method of teaching used.

Processing Program
by SLPA- in Colorado,  Colorado
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
After using the Original Processing Program, I found that it's uses were limitless. I could manipulate the lessons to fit most objectives. So, I bought the Grammar Processing Program to assist in producing both nonverbal and verbal spontaneous responses, as well as in imitation.

Receptive Language
by Kimberly H.,  Redondo Beach, CA
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
This product is a great addition to our therapy room. It is colorful and easy to understand. It will be ideal for students who have receptive language goals. We can't wait to use it!!

The Grammar Processing Program
by Jeni S.,  Wauwatosa, WI
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
This is an invaluable tool for use in my elementary SLP practice! I've only had it a few weeks, but I'm using it with kindergarteners through 5th graders who have diagnoses of CAPD, language processing disorder, attention deficit, and language delay. I've recommended it to my entire district SLP team.

Grammar Processing Program
by MSarnes,  Yuma, AZ
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
I've only used this book a couple of times since I received it, but so far so good. I'm using it with a student who is limited language skills and I play a game where I'm the teacher and then after a few times she can be the teacher. She loves it! Great material.

Great Resource
by DebK,  Bellport, NY
#TPX27704 – The Grammar Processing Program
I love to use these exercises as a warm up to other processing skills games. Many of my students are enjoying the challenge.

TPX27704 -  The Grammar Processing Program $69.98 
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