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Between the Lines

Enhancing Inferencing Skills Book

by Cecile Cyrul Spector, Ph.D. - Grades 4 and Up

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Between the Lines
by Lisa P.,  CA
#TPX29901 – Between the Lines Book
This is the second time I have ordered this book for different districts. I like that it teaches a strategy to teach the students so they can apply in different contexts. A few of the sentences are a bit above most elementary students (there is one about Pavarotti) but for the most part, I really like the book.

Easy to use and covers all the bases
by Roberta O.,  Drexel Hill, PA
#TPX29901 – Between the Lines Book
I appreciate that this book is scaffolded in a manner which presents the material in a learning hierarchy. Skills are addressed in a specific order. Warm-up activities are included to introduce students to each task. Analysis of activities that the student completes highlights where they need to go next (or if they need more work in a particular area). Love, love, love this for my middle and high school students!

Great product
by Cristy,  CA
#TPX29901 – Between the Lines Book
This has been a great book for therapy. I really like how it's broken up into different concepts.

Between the LInes
by Chaya S.,  Lakewood, NJ
#TPX29901 – Between the Lines Book
I did enjoy the higher level thinking skills which really build inferencing. I would have enjoyed if there's was more of the second section which is more practical, functional, and real-life based. First section does help students infer location, agents, time.. but doesn't help student pull multiple factors together which is usually the case in real-life examples.

great book for targeting social language skills
by Sonia B.,  Oakland, CA
#TPX29901 – Between the Lines Book
This book has great ideas and worksheets for working on social language skills such as inferences and subtle meanings. My elementary kids love it, but it would also be useful for older kids.

nice reference
by Sue F.,  Lockport, IL
#TPX29901 – Between the Lines Book
I have not used the book as worksheets, but have used the examples for reference during other activities. I like how it is divided into concept areas.

Great for SLPs!
by Michelle V.,  Tampa, FL
#TPX29901 – Between the Lines Book
I love this book, we have one at my work and I saw this on sale so I had to add it to my collection! The book is great for teaching higher level inferences for older clients/students.

by TLN.,  Bronx, NY
#TPX29901 – Between the Lines Book
Haven't used it yet, but it looks great. It has so many exercises in it. I'm going to be getting lots of use from this book.

We LOVED this book!!
by Sue,  Irving IL
#TPX29901 – Between the Lines Book
This has been such a GREAT resource for our whole school this year! I shared it with my Principal, who in turn shared it with his wife, who teaches in a different district.......they each ended up ordering their own copies!! If you are looking for a great resource for teaching Inferences....this is the book you need.

TPX29901 -  Between the Lines Enhancing Inferencing Skills $29.95 
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