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Social Skill Strategies (2nd Edition)

A Social-Emotional Curriculum for Adolescents Book

by Nancy Gajewski, Polly Hirn, and Patty Mayo - Grades 6-12

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Excellent resource for Aspergers
by Mary C.,  Brooklyn, NY
#TPX3503 – Social Skill Strategies (2nd Edition)
This book is excellent! It explains things well and is well written. High functioning autistic teens enjoy this book.

Great with older kids
by Jennifer S.,  Canton, MI
#TPX3503 – Social Skill Strategies (2nd Edition)
These books have a lot of great ideas to get you started on activities. They include letters home, but I skip most of the activities that are in worksheet format and pick and choose the questions to talk about in the group. These books are targeted for older kids who can participate in classroom type discussions.

Social Skills Strategies
by Cheryl S.,  Nashville, TN
#TPX3503 – Social Skill Strategies (2nd Edition)
I am very pleased with this product. It comes in two volumes and each includes a CD.

TPX3503 -  Social Skill Strategies (2nd Edition) $69.95 
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