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Sensory Stories Strategy Card Decks

by Deborah Marr, ScD, OTR/L & Victoria Nackley, MS, OTR/L - Grades K-12

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Sensory strategies can become integral parts of a sensory diet. Give your children visual reminders of the various strategies they can employ to cope with unpleasant sensations in daily life. With ready access to the cards, children have a tangible reminder to employ calming sensory strategies that can promote participation in activities. Sensory Stories Strategy Cards can be used in a variety of ways. Some suggestions to have the cards handy for a preferred strategy include the following:
  • Use cards in a visual schedule
  • Attach cards with a carabiner to a backpack or belt loop
  • Arrange cards on a desktop
  • Tape cards to a page in a notebook
  • Tuck a few cards in a shirt or pants pocket
Sensory Stories Strategy Cards are also recommended for the classroom. Teachers and aides can use the cards to assist with classroom transitions. Prior to transitioning to a new activity the whole class can engage in any single strategy. If the class uses a visual schedule, then Sensory Stories Strategy Cards can be included in the class' visual schedule. Sensory Stories Strategy Cards contains two identical card decks, each depicting a total of 45 sensory strategies. Cards are 2½" x 3½"
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