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Personal Time Timer®

with Optional Audible Signal

All Ages

Average Rating: Write Your Own Review

Welcome Improvements!!
by Cynthia L.,  Port Alberni, BC
#TTA33 – Personal
Time Timer
Very pleased with the newer version of the personal timer. A cover to protect the front and an on/off switch mean the battery life will be longer.

timed timer
by Holly,  Indiana
#TTA33 – Personal
Time Timer
This is perfect for a desk. The ding when it's finished is not very loud but loud enough that it helps me remember when the speech session is over.

Great Compact Timer
by Froilan N,  Houston, TX
#TTA33 – Personal
Time Timer
My son has autism and always follow the time set on this timer whenever we want him to wait. This timer is always in our car so that we will not forget it if we go out of town. The size is just right to fit in your bag for travelling. Be sure to bring extra battery as a spare. Great product.

Unhappy with audible signal
by Vicki A.,  Billings, MT
#TTA33 – Personal
Time Timer
I like the visual timers and ordered this one because of the audible signal. I am not happy with it because the signal is so rapid and quiet that my special needs kids miss it. I wish it was a more obvious signal.

Time Timer
by Susan T,  Denver, Co
#TTA33 – Personal
Time Timer
This is one of the best timers for kids. The visual cue is powerful and effective.

Personal Timer
by Belinda M.,  Kamloops BC Canada
#TTA33 – Personal
Time Timer
So far this has worked great! I have used the timer for changing from task to task and for timeouts. He laid on his bed and watched it during the time out. When he came back out he was calm, far so good!!

Quiet Time Management
by Karla W.,  Bainbridge Is. WA
#TTA33 – Personal
Time Timer
Great for kids who need sessions broken up into short activities and shaping longer attention span. Answer: "When is recess?", "How much longer?" "Do I have to go back?" with a quiet point to the Personal Time Timer. This small Timer is visually clear to you and kids at a glance BUT not distracting! No ticking!

concept of Time
by Melissa,  NY
#TTA33 – Personal
Time Timer
My son is Autistic and has no concept of time- he thinks certain activities will take forever and gets really upset prolonging short tasks so they finally do become dreadfully long- this helps show him-look, 5 m in is this.... and this is only a 5 min activity. Now he is able to just get things done and over with- This clock also is helping create a sence of urgancy- I don't want him to be nervouse but when he needs to finish something in a time frame- this helps him divide and organize his min. and lets him see how long he has left. This timer is a big help.

TTA33 -  Personal Time Timer® $34.95 
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