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Webber® Communication Books

All Ages

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Looking for customized, easy-to-use holders for your communication cards? Look no further because these books are the perfect solution! Each vinyl 3-ring book comes with one Velcro® sentence strip for making sentences, handy storage pockets on the inside of the front and back covers, and four Velcro® pages (smooth texture with soft loops) to allow for a quick and easy change of cards. Customize your book by sliding the enclosed identification card in the clear front cover pocket. Colors may vary. Extra pages and Super Duper Dots sold separately.
  • The large book is 10" x 9 1/4". Large page is 8 1/2" x 8 1/2".
  • The small book is 6 1/4" x 7 7/8". Small page is 5 1/4" x 7 1/4".
  • Large Sentence strip 2" x 8".
  • Small Sentence strip 2" x 6 3/4".
Super Duper "rough textured Dots" (VELD-100 or VELD-1000) attach perfectly to any of our Webber Communication Books.
VEL10 -  Webber® Large Communication Books (4 pages) Reg: $49.95Now: $44.96*
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VEL12 -  Webber® Communication Books - Large Extra Sentence Strips (2 pack) $9.96 
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VEL14 -  Webber® Communication Books - Large Extra Pages (4-pack) Reg: $34.95Now: $31.46*
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VEL20 -  Webber® Small Communication Books (4 pages) $44.95 
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VEL22 -  Webber® Communication Books - Small Extra Sentence Strips (2-pack) $9.95 
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VEL24 -  Webber® Communication Books - Small Extra Pages (4-pack) $31.95 
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