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Webber® MINI Verbs Photo Cards

Grades PreK and Up – Ages 4 and Up

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Webber MINI Verbs Photo Cards presents 120 three-card sets of color-coded photos targeting everyday activities in multiple contexts. The smaller MINI set (cards are 2½" x 2½") is a great complement to Webber BIG Verbs, especially for younger children. The durable, laminated cards are excellent for naming, describing, identifying, comparing and contrasting, formulating sentences, and practicing conversational skills. Many of the photo cards have more than one possible verb for an answer.
Choose pairs from the card sets to play classic games such as Go Fish, Memory Match, and Concentration, or for a greater challenge, use all three cards in the set.
  • 360 full-color photo-verb cards presented in matching pairs (720 total cards)
  • Instruction booklet with games and extended activities
  • Divider tabs
  • Boxed
VERBM99 -  Webber® MINI Verbs Photo Cards $129.95 
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