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Blue Square Vibrating Pillow

Ages 4 and Up

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The SENSEEZ vibrating pillow provides the tactile input some children often need or crave, particularly those with sensory processing disorders or sensory integration dysfunction.
For the under-sensitive child, this pillow can provide the necessary input to help calm and regulate his/her system. For children who are overly sensitive, use the pillow as a tool to help increase tolerance to tactile input. Either way, its uses within the scope of a sensory processing disorder are invaluable.
Vibration has therapeutic benefits for people of all ages, with or without disabilities or sensory processing disorders, by providing soothing and regulating effects to the body. This little blue square is just right for booster seats, circle time, or just sitting at a desk or on a sofa!
  • SENSEEZ pillow (10" x 10" x 3")
  • 12 oz.
  • Easy-to-clean vinyl pillow with zipper

Includes 2 AA batteries, provided by Super Duper with your order.
VP45 -  SENSEEZ® Vibrating Pillow $44.95 
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