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Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts® - Spanish
Prueba de Conceptos Básicos Wiig - 100 Basic Concepts!

by Elisabeth Wiig, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Henriette Langdon, Ed.D. CCC-SLP - Ages: 3;0-7;11

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Bilingual expressive/receptive concept scores
by Beth M.,  Gurnee, IL
Level 2
Forms (25)
I think using this assessment as a part of a battery of assessments in a bilingual evaluation because it gives both expressive and receptive concept scores.

by Marisa G.,  Mexico City, MEX
Complete Kit
Hello, I knew about the WABC-S test because Rebeca Oved, a therapist that helped with the international testing of the product recommended it. I bought it because I knew it would help me evaluate different basic concepts of young children, and I loved that it not only evaluated the receptive language concepts but it also assessed the expressive ones; as well as giving the norms for ages. I also loved that you guys accepted other responses, for example: if you were assessing the concept "más" it was also accepted that the child's response was: "mucha". However, I sincerely think that it was also important to asses the concept not only in an expressive or receptive way, but in both. For example, you guys could have made more questions in order to have the opportunity to asses one same concept in a receptive and an expressive way; although this would have made the testing take longer. Still I think the WABC-S test is really good as well as easy to apply, something we therapists love. Thank, you for accepting my comments. Sincerely, Marisa.

WABCS11 -  WABC®-S Complete Kit $241.00 
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