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Comprehension Blast Off Game

Grades 2 and Up

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Students will improve their reading comprehension as they blast off from Earth into space with Comprehension Blast Off!
Comprehension Blast Off keeps students challenged with four decks of content-rich question cards that have two levels on each card, Level A and Level B. Players start on the Earth side of the game board and must answer questions before boarding the ship for space. By answering questions correctly they may turn their game board over. Once they are in space, they advance and eventually reach the Cosmos. The first to reach the Cosmos is the winner! Watch out for the aliens, meteors, and asteroids!
Seven major comprehension techniques include: Main Idea, Inference, Questions/Details, Cause & Effect, Connecting, Visualization, and Sequencing. In addition, selected questions deal with Fact or Opinion, Figurative Language, Compare and Contrast, Genre, Grammar, Following Directions, and Rhyme and Vocabulary.
Comprehension Blast Off
  • 4 Doubled-sided game boards (8” x 8”)
  • 140 Question cards - 60 Earth questions and 80 Space questions (3" x 4")
  • 4 Game pawns (1")
  • 4 'X Pack' cards (1" x 2")
  • Spinner (8"x 8")
  • Answer key
  • Instructions with game ideas for classroom and home
  • 2-4 players
WCA6320 -  Comprehension Blast Off Game $29.95 
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