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Webber® Phone

Auditory Feedback Device

Grades PreK and Up

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Webber phones
by Stacie M,  Peoria, AZ
#WF44 - Webber® Phone (4-Pack)
These are such a great tool for students to be able to hear themselves while they are eliciting productions. It has really helped some of my students!

Very Satisfied
by Calandra T,  Huntsville, AL
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
I ordered 2 phones last month for my students and came back this month to order 1 more. My students Preschool through eighth grade enjoy using these phones. Students are able to hear themselves produce sounds and words and are able to self correct if an error has occurred. I saw a preschooler for the first time this week, when Mom brought him back she said he talked about the phone I had where he could hear himself speak. I love these phones!

excelent product!
by MarĂ­a,  Mexico
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
It has been very useful because thanks to this product my patients have been able to hear his voice to identify errors in the production of phonemes.

Helps kids hear themselves
by Emily Y,  Louisiana
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
At first, my students just get a kick out of hearing themselves, then we settle down to using the mild amplification to help with speech sound production or phonemic awareness skills.

Super product!
by Karina Cruz,  Puerto Rico
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
Excellent product and greater price!

Excellent tool for hearing impaired child
by Imie S,  Vero beach, fl
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
I use Webber-phone almost everyday with my two years hearing impaired child. She loves using it to hear her Voice over and over and it's really helping with her speech

Simple yet effective
by Missy D.,  Schererville,IN
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
My go-to device for having students rate their sound production!

Excellent Product
by Maria L.,  Ponce, PR
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
This product is excellent for group therapy to children with stuttering problems and this product makes the child to talk and hear what he is saying. Product is excellent I love all the product they sell in the catalog of Super Duper.

Great motivator
by Karen B,  Augusta, GA
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
Great way to get kids with limited verbalizations to talk!

Webber Phone
by Joanne S,  New Jersey
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
This phone is colorful, light weight and extremely useful. I use it during articulation therapy, having students listen to their amplified correct productions. However, I recently started having students produce their sounds incorrectly, then correctly to hear the difference, using the phone. The kids love these phones. They like to pretend they are dialing numbers and having conversations with family or friends. I think the red color and light weight of these phones make them very appealing.

Great phone
by TN,  New York
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
This is a nice tool to raise awareness of sounds. The kids have fun using it.

webber phone
by M. montalvo,  Puerto Rico
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
my students liked the idea of talking on the phone!!!!they see it as a game and don't realize they're actually learning!!!!

Cute Aid
by Melody M.,  Myerstown PA
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
The Webber phone is so cute that my son (who is a cleft kid with slightly impaired hearing on one side) regards it as a toy. It helps him hear his own speech better while we are working on minimal pairs.

Great Motivator
by Beth B.,  Hollister, CA
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
The Head Start children love these. They are motiveted to practice sound production many more times than without these handy little phones.

A great tool!
by Heather T,  Saskatoon, SK
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
I really love using this phone. I use it with almost all my clients for articulation, stuttering and with my younger clients too. And it's a great price.

by Karen P.,  Foxworth, MS
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
This phone is wonderful for enticing children to "hear" their own speech production. It is helpful in "magnifying" their own sound production back to them and helps to make it louder than background noises. Children naturally will be drawn to using phones because they see others using them so much and these phones are so affordable that you could even send it home with them for continued practice!

by Tricia Lynn,  Concord
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
The kids really like the effect of this phone. Since I work with infants and toddlers, I use this to encourage the toddlers to vocalize / babble. They like to hear their own voices! I wish it was better made though.

by Amy R,  Austin, TX
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this! The kiddos enjoy "playing" telephone and I enjoy addressing goals easily.

Amplification phone
by Shaindy S.,  Brooklyn, NY
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
My clients loved the auditory feedback they were getting, and it really helped with specific articulation sounds that we were targeting. However, the shape is a little difficult for the really small children to grasp and hold to their faces.

Webber Phone
by Heather T.,  Saskatoon, Canada
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
This is a great therapy tool! I use it in articulation therapy. It really helps the kids to hear how they are saying their sounds and it helps them to improve their sound production.

great for sessions, not long periods
by Charla L.,  Colorado Springs, CO
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
This works much better for my toddler than the elephone since he enjoys imaginary conversations into a toy phone, and it allows for great practice sessions. Because of the handheld nature of it, it is great for short practice sessions framed as play, but the elephone is better for those looking for something to be used throughout an entire day.

Webber Phone
by Amanda B.,  Conway, AR
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
I absolutley love this product and so do the kids. This is a great product for auditory feedback. It allows the child to hear their production by amplifying the sound. Very pleased!! Also a very great price!!! Would def. reccommend to everyone!

by Tami Geysbeek
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
I teach hearing impaired preschoolers and LOVE your products!! Thank you for the FREE SHIPPING as well!! :) ~Tami

by Brenda Conner
#WF44 - Webber® Phone (4-Pack)
I love my Webber phone I purchased at a conference! It is very sturdy and has lasted many years and all kids are drawn to it!

Webber phone
by Teacher (K-5),  Ruckersville, VA
#WF44 - Webber® Phone (4-Pack)
We are starting the Daily Five in reading this year & these are perfect to use during the read to yourself time.

by Monica C
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
We enjoy the Auditory Processing section the most.

by Verna W
#WF44 - Webber® Phone (4-Pack)
I teach special education and my favorite Super Duper product is the Webber Phone! My students love them! It helps them build fluency and makes learning fun for them.

by Barb Kobielski, Newport, MI
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
I purchased a Super Duper phone for my son. I notice a difference in his speech when he uses it, because he can hear how he sounds and tries harder to pronounce his words correctly.

by Vicki Weiss
#WF22 - Webber® Phone (Single)
I was at the NAEYC conference and I purchased the webber phones. I am a Behavior Specialist and work with many children who have trouble modulating their voices. I am using them with success! Thanks!

WF22 -  Webber® Phone (Single) $7.95 
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