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Webber® Photo Cards – Verbs

2nd Edition

All Ages

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Photo Verb Cards
by Sierra M,  Peterborough County, ON
#WFC022 - Webber® Photo Cards – Verbs
I am SO glad I purchased these cards. They are great for treatment of aphasia, in addition to articulation activities for NG. For aphasia, I especially like to use them for building verb phrases then simple sentences. I also like that some cards can suggest more than one verb (he is kicking the soccer ball OR he is playing soccer).

Verb Photo Cards
by Tara L.,  Canada
#WFC022 - Webber® Photo Cards – Verbs
These are great! I like that real people are used in the photographs. There are two of each card so you can play matching and “Go Fish” games. The photo cards are also useful for describing, sentence building, and answering WH-questions.

WFC022 -  Webber® Photo Cards – Verbs $34.95 
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