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Webber® Photo Cards - Things To Wear

Ages 3 & Up

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Great for learning vocabulary
by Kendra D.,  Klamath Falls, OR
#WFC07 – Webber® Photo Cards - Things To Wear
I work in a preschool, and the students often have the goal of increasing vocabulary of common items. These cards are an easy and fun way to target this goal. They can be used as a drill activity or a memory game depending on the skill level of the student.

Great Pics
by Sol,  DC area
#WFC07 – Webber® Photo Cards - Things To Wear
The pictures on the card were great and very clear. I got this set and the Around the House set. However, I felt they were too small for what I wanted to use them for. I have a 2 yr old who definately is in the frame of mind where bigger holds his attention much more than smaller. It would be nice to have a small set like this in a larger size.

Webber® Photo Cards - Things To Wear Are Awsome
by Parent,  Boise, Idaho
#WFC07 – Webber® Photo Cards - Things To Wear
These cards are wonderful in helping children with Autism learn what pieces of clothing go together and how to match the pictures with the words. I Love this product and how it helped my six yr old son learn to put his shoes and socks together so he can get ready for school in the morning. I have recommend this product and the other sets of Webber® Photo Cards to my friends who have special needs children or to anyone that love to see their special little ones learn new things.

WFC07 -  Webber® Photo Cards - Things To Wear $12.95 
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