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Webber® Photo Cards - Emotions

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Ages 3 & Up

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Webber Photo Cards - Emotions help children and adults who have difficulty understanding, describing, and responding to their feelings and recognizing the feelings of others. This deluxe card set includes color photo card pairs and pairs of black and white illustrations. All of the cards show one person demonstrating an emotion in front of a blue background to highlight the features of the face and upper body.
The Webber Photo Cards - Emotions set includes people of different ethnicities, genders, and ages. There are no words on the cards so you may teach multiple synonyms for an emotion (for example, happy can also be cheerful, glad, or elated). Use the photo cards to begin teaching emotions, and then the black and white illustrated cards to help generalize them.
Webber Photo Card - Emotions
  • 264 total cards, color-coded and numbered with blue backgrounds (3" x 4")
  • 102 color photo emotion cards in pairs
  • 30 black & white illustrated emotion cards in pairs
  • 4 mirrors for practicing facial expressions
  • Content card in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese.
  • Introduction booklet that includes: Emotion Words Thesaurus, Game Ideas, Teaching Techniques for Understanding, Responding to, and Describing Emotions, and "Just for Kids" recommended books targeting emotions
WFC264 -  Webber® Photo Cards - Emotions Deck $54.95 
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