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What’s Wrong with This Photo?

by Becky L. Spivey Photos created by Bruce Ink - Grades K and Up

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Kids eat these up
by Janet L,  Salem OR
#WFC79 - What’s Wrong with This Photo?
I love these pix! Engaging for my kids on the spectrum and others who need work on analysis skills. Good for getting conversation going. Can we have additional sets of these? They are great. :)

Great for writing tasks too!
by Michaela T,  Wilmington, NC
#WFC79 - What’s Wrong with This Photo?
These photos are great to use for sentence generation either verbally or written. I have my reluctant writers write a sentence about what is wrong. It gives them an opportunity to practice writing at a sentence level.

by Jen G.,  Michigan
#WFC79 - What’s Wrong with This Photo?
I use these cards when informally assessing carry over of articulation and expressive language skills.

Real photos of really implausible things
by Vivian S.,  Santa Cruz, CA
#WFC79 - What’s Wrong with This Photo?
This little card deck is fantastic to get kids talking. These photos are sure to coax smiles from the shyest to the surliest students. Handy for getting a language sample from kids who aren't very chatty.

Fun Deck "What's Wrong with this Photo?"
by Tara L,  Canada
#WFC79 - What’s Wrong with This Photo?
I really like the "What's wacky" and "That's silly" fun decks but they both have cartoon-like pictures. I prefer this deck because of the real-life pictures. I use these cards when working on expressive language skills (e.g. answering questions, vocabulary, grammar skills).

What's Right with What's Wrong?
by Julie S.,  Nova Scotia, Canada
#WFC79 - What’s Wrong with This Photo?
I have been using these cards for a week now and they are a hit! I am using them for writing goals, expressive vocabulary and sentence formulation goals, problem-solving tasks, and more! They are great for elementary and high school age groups - very pleased with this product.

So Much Fun!
by Melissa,  Oklahoma
#WFC79 - What’s Wrong with This Photo?
These are so handy to carry around. The kids love the "silly" pictures. I have one little boy that wants a set for his birthday! I am very happy with this purchase.

WFC79 -  What’s Wrong with This Photo? $12.95 
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