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Pirates & Pals® Preposition Fun!

Card Deck

by Sharon G. Webber design by Daryl Hutchinson - Grades PreK-3 - Ages 4 & Up

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Ahoy, Mateys!
Join our pirates and their animal pals as they practice the prepositions IN, ON, UNDER, IN FRONT OF, BEHIND, BETWEEN, and BESIDE.
Pirates & Pals Preposition Fun features 28 photo-card pairs with girl and boy pirates and their cute animal pals demonstrating the prepositions. This swashbucklin’ deck of fun includes “Map” and “Treasure” cards to expand play in a variety of games.
Pirates & Pals Preposition Fun
  • 28 matching photo card pairs, 2 wild cards: 58 cards total (3” x 5”)
  • 4 card pairs demonstrate each preposition: in, on, under, in front of, behind, between, and beside
  • Content cards and game ideas
  • Sturdy storage tin
WFC88 -  Pirates & Pals® Preposition Fun! $14.95 
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