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Webber® Photo Analogies

Card Deck

by Sharon G. Webber and Staci Jackson, MA, CCC-SLP - All Ages

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Help students develop vocabulary concepts and strengthen critical thinking and reasoning skills with the Webber Photo Analogies card deck. This fun and engaging photo-card deck provides a way for students to practice completing analogies by identifying similarities between two comparisons.
The analogies include four concept areas: Categories, Part to Whole, Functions/Associations, and Opposites. Students match the fill-in-the-blank photo-card with its answer card to complete the analogy.
Puppy is to dog as calf is to ______. (cow)
Photo Analogies Card Deck
  • 160 photo cards, 80 pairs (3" x 5")
  • 20 color-coded analogy card pairs per concept area
  • Instructions, game ideas and answer key
  • Sturdy storage box
WFC92 -  Webber® Photo Analogies Card Deck $24.95 
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