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Webber® Photo Analogies

Card Deck

by Sharon G. Webber and Staci Jackson, MA, CCC-SLP - All Ages

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Broccoli for the brain!
by Vivian S.,  Santa Cruz, CA
#WFC92 - Webber® Photo Analogies Card Deck
That's what I tell the kids about analogies. They are outstanding for promoting critical thinking skills, yet without a visual stimulus, they're too difficult for many kids. These photo cards make them more accessible, especially for my hearing impaired students. Kudos to the creator!!

Love this product!
by Sarah H.,  Chatham, IL
#WFC92 - Webber® Photo Analogies Card Deck
I love the way this product organizes the analogies into groups of category, part/whole, etc. It make it so much easier to teach and take data. The kids love the pictures and I have already noticed progress with my students!

Amazing cards
by Courtney R.,  Phoenix, AZ
#WFC92 - Webber® Photo Analogies Card Deck
I have a client that needs to learn visually and these cards are great! She can understand the analogy based on the cards and pictures. It makes more sense than completing the analogies with just words to her. Whenever I bring them out she gets very excited. The four different analogies are great! Love this product and I've had it only a few weeks!

WFC92 -  Webber® Photo Analogies Card Deck $24.95 
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