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Webber® Interactive "WH" Questions CD-ROM

Level 1: Sentence-Based Activities

by Mark Strait, Clint Johnson, Audrey Prince,
and Tawnia Lechner - Grades PreK and Up

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Great product!!!
by silvina,  plantation, fl
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
Different from other wh question cognitive software. It is also has an option to ask questions.

by KA,  CO
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
The kids work really hard on this set of questions. They like the artwork, and don't mind doing it over after they have mastered the two choices so that they can also master the four choices. Keeping attention of some kiddos who struggle in that area.

wish it would...
by Andi B,  Alexandria, VA
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I like the CD and so do the children, however, I wish it would mix up the question types. I don't like going through all the what questions and then loading the who questions.

Very Good Product
by Sharon M.,  Peachtree City, Ga.
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
Another great product from Superduper. Interactive "wh" questions is an easy streamline way to gain data and updates about your clients/students. The program allows for settings such as number of choices and provides a preview/modeling of the skill about to be presented. One suggestion would be to allow multiple students to participate during a single session and allow the four choice to be whatever single target chosen. For example if "who" is being taught then the four choice should all be who choices or at least two of them. Current version only one "who" choice.

very engaging
by Alexis,  NC
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I love that it has an option to teach the question. I wish that there were different levels. Sometimes the answers contain foils which makes it really difficult for my students with autism.

Who, what, when , where, AWESOME!
by Leah B.,  Boulder, CO
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
This is a great activity! I wish I knew about it sooner. My students were super engaged because they felt like they were playing a computer game. I loved that you can vary the number of response choices to make it easier or harder. I also love the answer choices...the choices include the correct response if it was a 'where' question for a 'who' question for example. Love tracking progress with this!

wh questions
by Tiffany M.,  Oxford, MS
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
this cd-rom is great. My kids love to use the computer and play the "wh" games.

Good for multitude of issues!!!
by Loren C.,  Chicago, IL
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
This CD-ROM is good for a multitude of issues and it's just plain fun!!! Preschoolers just developing language love it and older children can use it with or without the pictures to suit their needs. The only problem is that it's a little slow in loading, but, overall, I'm delighted!!!

Fair product
by Amie S.,  Cupertino, CA
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I do like this software, however I find the questions and answers are quite broad don't offer a nice pattern for teaching. For example, some of the WHY questions are inferential and some are shown in the picture, yet the picture is briefly shown so they can't go back and look. I like it for those kids who are higher level and a bit older.

The Perfect Campanion to Therapy
by Gayla Boggs,  Georgia
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
Webber Interactive "WH" Question CD-ROM is a great tool in assiting students in answering a variety of "wh" question forms, in creating an environment for peer interactions, and for tracking data. The data print outs are easily utilzied to explain to parents progress and continued areas of weaknesses. Great practice and reinforcement tool.

WH ?s
by Katie F.,  Richmond Va
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I like the level of prompting which can be controlled as well as the field of choices which can be altered for student level as well. I just wish that it could be adapted to use for 2+ children in a way that the system collects data for each student.

Not what I was expecting
by Lucero Garcia,  Coquitlam, BC
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
My son used it for 15 minutes max. He did not like and he says it was boring...I think is a good tool but in our case our son was not very impressed by it.

by M. Brown,  MO
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
This is a fun product for my kiddos. Not only do they get to get up and move around using the smartboard but using visuals for my kids is great. The options of 2 or 4 options for answers is great. The kids love it.

Webber Interactive "WH" Questions
by Gillien O,  Lorena, TX
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I use the printable results as present levels of performance with kids who get tired of me droning on and on, they will ask to use the computer just so they can use the CD-ROM. Now I have had to make it a reward system because they love it so much!

Interactive WH questions
by sudha,  England
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
very good, my son likes it.

WH Questions
by Jodi F.,  Mt. Airy, GA
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
This computer activity works on all the "wh" questions. The game is fun and keeps my sons attention. I like that you can increase the difficulty level by changing the settings (example: both text/audio; text only; audio only).

Great product!
by Martha S.,  Redmond, OR
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
Sometimes "wh" questions can be confusing for our language disordered kids in the context of a book or other activity, and the Webber® Interactive "WH" Questions CD-ROM is the perfect way to isolate "wh" questions so that students can better differentiate each question. And my kids with attention difficulties can't keep their eyes off the screen!

Highly Motivating!
by Jenna M.,  Aurora, IL
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
This product has been a fantastic addition to my collection of therapy materials! There are many options for how to use the interactive cd in therapy (e.g., two or four answer choices, text and/or audio on or off, targeting one wh-question type or a combination of questions, etc.), and I have been able to use this item in many different ways. Preschoolers love the reinforcing sounds and "Great job!" screen that flashes after a correct answer, and elementary students of all ages/abilities have been motivated to use the computer and SMARTboard with this activity. The section that explains the difference between the wh-questions is also a helpful tool and review feature for students to use. Overall, this is a great product and I highly recommend it!

Love it :)
by Missy P,  rochester, MN
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I absolutly love this product. It's perfect for my children and exactly what they needed :)

Kids love it!
by Gwynee J.,  Riverside, CA
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
This product is fabulous. It teaches each WH question and also give students an oppurtunity to practice it. I like that if a student gets and answer wrong it allows them to keep trying that question until a correct response is achieved. Also love the progress print out. It's great to send home to parents.

WH questions CD
by Denise C,  Scottdale, PA
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
love the cd.....great motivator, sequencial learning....good for auditory learners

"wh" questions
by Beverly M.,  Kinnelon, NJ
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
The program is somewhat simplistic and yet it does provide the review and practice some children require. I like that it allows me to track and collect data for an unlimited number of students.

My Son Loves Learning now!
by Candace G.,  Woodruff, SC
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I bought this on the recommendation of my son's speech teacher at school. I also bought the WH questions card set as well. My son loves these and is doing really well. He really likes the cards but LOVES the fact he can get on the computer to play this "game". I believe when a child loves what he is doing, they are also learning from it.

by Candace G.,  Woodruff, SC
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
These cards are great in helping my son learn the "wh" questions. I had purchased some other related items as well and my son loves these cards which in turn make it much easier for him to learn and for me to teach!!

"WH" Questions CD
by Katherine S.,  Greenfield, IN
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
The CD is great at providing options. Students can either choose to be given the answer and choose the appropriate question, or they can be asked the question, and given a choice of answers. Also, they can select if they want to choose from 2 or 4 possible answers. However, it was not as engaging as I hoped. The questions are in sets of 25, and it can't be lowered. The students tend to get bored.

by Leeanne,  Montana
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
My primary aged self contained special education students have found this entertaining and have remained motivated to practice their understanding of WH questions. Vocabulary is identical to the WH ring talkers questions, but with different pictures. My students can work semi-independently and I am able to check data at the end of their session. I appreciate being able to control the number of choices given. I will recommend to colleagues.

by Liv Boschen
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I really enjoy the Wh products... flashcards and hands on games really get the clients involved!

by Sonia Kitain
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I love the new CD's that Super Duper publishes. They are easy to use and the students love to go on the computers and use them.

by Rachell Westby
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I have been using the "WH" questions CD for the past 3 months and my clients have absolutely loved it!

by Barbara McLaughlin
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I am already seeing you serving me by adding more technology products which I plan on purchasing. I would like to see more reading, language and math CD programs. I enjoy the CD Programs, it helps my students become self directed learners. The scoring helps me to know if they are getting it and if I need to help them a little more.

by jessica vazquez
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
love the wh- question cards and wh- bingo! makes it fun for students to answer wh- questions, and gives them a visual for those who need them.

by joya casson
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I love all of the interactive CD Roms. i use them along with teachers to collect data during our RtI process at my schools. They are great and entertaining and I'd love to see more. Perhaps the pictures can be somewhat varied more from the actual Fun Deck cards because I use those as well.

by Kathy McCray
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
Adaptive Books I love the WH question level1 & 2 program

by Julie Kumpar
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
My favorite Super Duper products include Chipper Chat, Photo Fish, Who-interactive software, and Auditory Memory quick stories. I would like to see more activities for children with severe Autism. I would also like to see a larger font on the articulation cards so children can make the literacy-speech connection.

by Monica Chapman
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
We enjoy the Auditory Processing section the most.

by Emily Horsley
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I absolutely love the Auditory Memory for Quick Stories and "Wh" Question Interactive Software programs. I plan on ordering more computer programs along this line. They have been valuable tools not only in therapy, but in the use of progress monitoring for my RtI kids! Great job as usual Super Duper!!

by Jacki Navarro
#WHCD11 – Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1
I just love the Interactive CD programs such as Webber Interactive “WH” Questions, Webber Pronouns, and Webber Verbs. I have been using all three with my students, and it is so easy since it tracks the data for multiple students! The WH Questions CD has been wonderful for establishing specific goals and baselines for young students.

WHCD11 -  Webber Interactive “WH” Questions CD-ROM - Level 1 $24.95 
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