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Webber® Phonological Awareness Photo Cards

by Wendy C. Ward, M.A.T. - Grades PreK-6

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Improve children’s phonological awareness skills with Webber Phonological Awareness Photo Cards!
Each of the 12 decks has 56 colorful photo cards (3" x 4") and prompts with three levels of difficulty. Answers are on the back of the card for self-checking. You also get Wild and Reverse cards for giving extra points or changing the direction of play. Includes content cards, game ideas, 50 foam Super Duper Star reinforcement tokens, and color-coded tabs for separating the different decks - all in a very sturdy storage box.
  • Discrimination of Rhyming Words- Children learn to identify words that rhyme when given a list of two or more words. (“Repeat these words and tell me if they rhyme… boots, row, cow.”)
  • Production of Rhyming Words- Children learn to produce rhyming words in isolation and for sentence completion after hearing a target word. (“Tell me a word that begins with ‘n’ and rhymes with best.”)
  • Segmentation of Words in Sentences- Children learn to identify separate words in a sentence. (“I will say a sentence. Clap or tap once for each word in this sentence.”)
  • Blending Syllables-Children learn to recognize syllables in words and blend syllables to form words. (“I am going to say parts of a word. Say the whole word for me.”)
  • Segmentation of Syllables-Children learn to separate words into syllables. (“I will say a word. Clap or tap once for each syllable in the word.”)
  • Deletion of Syllables-Children learn to say a word without one of its syllables. (“Say the word goldfish. Now say it without gold.”)
  • Identification of Phonemes- Children learn to identify specific phonemes in words. (“What do you hear at the beginning of sea?”)
  • Blending Phonemes-Children learn to put sounds together to make words. (“Put these sounds together to make a word… k-ey”)
  • Segmentation of Phonemes-Children learn to say each sound that makes up a word. (“Tell me each sound you hear in… egg”)
  • Deletion of Phonemes-Children learn to delete phonemes (sounds) from words. (“Say nails. Now say it without the ‘n.’”)
  • Addition of Phonemes-Children learn to add phonemes (sounds) to words. (“Say -ime. Now say it with ‘t’ at the beginning.”)
  • Manipulation of Phonemes-Children learn to change phonemes (sounds) in words to form new words. (“Change ‘b’ in bow to ‘m’ and say the new word.”)
WPA99 -  Webber® Phonological Awareness Photo Cards $129.95 
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