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Webber® Phonology Cards

Grades PreK-5

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Is it okay for your children to laugh while they practice phonological processes? You betcha! These HILARIOUS cards have 32 minimal contrast pairs (64 total) per deck. They cover eight processes. And that's not all!
Each deck includes:
  • Large full-color cards (3¼" x 4¼").
  • Coded contrast pairs (1-A, 1-B, etc.) for easy match-up
    and sorted by color.
  • Storage tin for each deck.
WPC777 -  Webber® Phonology Cards Set - (Includes all 8 decks)
Offer expires Wednesday, January 17, 2018, midnight ET.
Reg: $88.75Now: $44.48*
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* Sharon Webber's Deal of the Week. Web orders Only. Not redeemable in combination with any other promotions. All Sales FINAL!
WPC01 -  Webber® Phonology Cards - Final Consonant Deletion $13.95 
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WPC02 -  Webber® Phonology Cards - Fronting $13.95 
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WPC03 -  Webber® Phonology Cards - Stridency Deletion $13.95 
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WPC04 -  Webber® Phonology Cards - Stopping $13.95 
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WPC05 -  Webber® Phonology Cards - Pre-Vocalic Voicing $13.95 
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WPC06 -  Webber® Phonology Cards - Cluster Reduction-Marked $13.95 
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WPC07 -  Webber® Phonology Cards - Cluster Reduction - Unmarked $13.95 
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WPC08 -  Webber® Phonology Cards - Gliding $13.95 
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