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Webber® Phonology Cards

Grades PreK-5

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Phonology cards set
by Debra L Murray,  Belfair, WA
#WPC777 – Webber® Phonology Cards Set
It is the best resource to use with preschool students and older students with phonological disorders. The minimal pairs are perfect and the visual pictures do the job they were created to do.

Great minimal pairs!
by Donna,  Broadview Heights, OH
#WPC777 – Webber® Phonology Cards Set
This set is perfect for the busy SLP who wants to address phonological processes. The pictures are whimsical and motivating to the kiddos and the minimal pairs provide great models for improved articulation!

Good starting place
by Kim M.,  NJ
#WPC01 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Final Consonant Deletion
The cards offer a good base with which you can emphasize the importance of producing final sounds in words and how leaving those sounds off can change what you mean. My students have responded well to the cards. They enjoyed playing the memory game and finding the pairs.

Great Product
by Juli H,  Morgan Hill, CA
#WPC777 – Webber® Phonology Cards Set
My youngest son has Down Syndrome and has been working with the phonology cards with his SLP. We bought them to practice at home...comes with easy to follow instructions and options to use the cards in different ways. We are very happy with our purchase

Great product
by TN,  New York, New York
#WPC06 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Cluster Reduction-Marked
These beautifully illustrated cards draw the kids into playing and practicing clusters. Love them.

Nice as a gift
by TN,  New York, NY
#WPC02 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Fronting
Bought these for someone else. She loves them.

phonology cards
by Kasia L.,  Columbus, OH
#WPC777 – Webber® Phonology Cards Set
This card set is wonderful! You can use these in so many ways. I even pick out with action pictures to work on verbs. Great buy!

Good product
by Monica Putt,  New York City, NY
#WPC01 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Final Consonant Deletion
Great to use to illustrate final consonant sounds with pictures.

Great, practical purchase!
by Jessica,  Oklahoma
#WPC04 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Stopping
These cards are perfect for working with my kids with apraxia.

Multi use phono cards
by Jennifer S.,  Cincinnati, OH
#WPC02 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Fronting
I love using the Webber Fun Decks, especially the phonology cards with my younger kiddos. These card decks are easy to use with kiddos with a range of literacy skills; from nonreaders to kiddos that are working on preliteracy skills to readers. There are so many different activities you can do with the decks. My kiddos like to play go fish, match the pairs, find the cards hidden in tubs of packing peanuts, find the cards hidden around the room with a flashlight, create silly sentences using the cards; and these are just a few! Great creation to target sounds in all positions of words!

Great value
by Tiffany D.,  Hickory, NC
#WPC04 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Stopping
Use these cards all the time with my little clients. Very attractive and clear pictures.

Big and sturdy
by Tiffany D.,  Hickory, NC
#WPC02 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Fronting
Great for quick probes and wonderful for go fish games.

phono cards fronting
by Carrie,  illinois
#WPC02 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Fronting
This is a time saver

phono cards
by Carrie,  Illinois
#WPC03 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Stridency Deletion
Very useful

phono cards
by Carrie,  Illinois
#WPC06 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Cluster Reduction-Marked
I get a lot of use out of these cards.

A "Go To" Product
by Nancy B.,  Lovettsville, VA
#WPC777 – Webber® Phonology Cards Set
I am so glad that I ordered this set. The cards are perfect, not only for my phonological process students, but all my articulation cases ~ the minimal pairs help my students understand how articulation impacts meaning. That in turn encourages them to listen and self-correct errors. The cards are durable with great pictures that motivate my students. Thanks for such a great product/1

Colorful and Fun
by trawhysee,  TX
#WPC05 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Pre-Vocalic Voicing
This was my first time to order from here and I was quite pleased when my order arrived. The cards are colorful and caught my son's interest right away. Of course, the tin caught his attention more as he's only 21 mths old. We mostly just go through the cards and identify what's in the picture. I sound out the words for him and help him try to say them or make the animal sound. I know these will be used plenty and come in handy in his learning.

by Amanda,  Lubbock
#WPC777 – Webber® Phonology Cards Set
I was so excited when this set went on sale! These cards are great for practicing minimal pairs to decrease use of phonological processes! I cannot say enough about these cards! I LOVE them!

Great with all populations
by Shannon F,  Phoenix AZ
#WPC777 – Webber® Phonology Cards Set
I am able to use these cards with my elementary students with phonological processes, my ELL students, and my hearing impaired students. GREAT ADDITION TO MY COLLECTION!

Final Consonant Deletion
by Susan,  La
#WPC01 – Webber® Phonology Cards - Final Consonant Deletion
I am a parent trying to help my child at home. I found these cards extremely helpful and keys in on exactly the problem we are working on - final consonant deletion. My child can see the difference between 2 words that sound the same but have different endings.

WPC777 -  Webber® Phonology Cards Set - (Includes all 8 decks) Reg: $111.60Now: $99.75*
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WPC03 -  Webber® Phonology Cards - Stridency Deletion Reg: $13.95Now: $6.98*
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