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Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards

8 Decks! 460 Cards!

by Melanie Frederick - Grades PreK and Up

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Great resource!
by Tanya J.,  Madison, WI
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
Easy to use and so great for my Spanish speaking students to have similar materials to practice with as their English speaking peers!

The best buy
by Zadeth,  Camuy, Puerto Rico
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
This educational material was the best buy I could have done. I was able to buy it and I am extremely happy and grateful for this important material for me and my students. I heard about this website through a friend who recommended me. I am very happy with my purchase. I will be buying them educational materials.

by Joana H.,  Panama
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
I'm bilingual speech pathology from Panama, and this is an Exelent resource for Spanish phonology interventions, my children have fun using this cards

Excellent product for my spanish speaking students!
by Leah B.,  Boulder, CO
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
I have really enjoyed this product so far. My students love feeling that they are playing games by using the cards but I am able to quickly and efficiently target their phonology goals. thanks for offering great Spanish products!

Spanish Phonology Cards
by Lizbeth C.,  Miami, FL
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
This product is a life saver!!! I was having difficulty finding words in Spanish to work on reducing certain phonological processes in Spanish. The fact that these are flash cards with great pictures makes for a wonderful investment. Thank you Super Duper!!!

by Angela Diaz,  Patillas, PR
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
Me gustaron mucho. Los niños puede crear conciencia de los sonidos.

Webber Spanish Phonology Cards
by Alecia H,  Mansfield, Tx
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
A "Must Have" product! I've been using it every week since I received the package in the mail!

Webber Spanish Phonology Cards
by Magdaline,  Ponce, PR
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
Excelente recurso para utilizar como tecnica para terapias de articulacion.

Great cards
by Liz R,  San Francisco, CA
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
The cards are easy to use and organize.

Great material!
by Jenny A.,  San Juan, PR
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
This is an excelent product and a nice alternative in spanish! Excelent to work auditory discrimination and phonology process.

Great tool!!
by Angelica,  Houston, TX
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
Spanish materials are often hard to find so I ordered this the instant I came across it. The eight decks have colorful illustrations and make drills fun for my patients. Higly recommended.

Spanish phonology
by Dinesha S.,  Texas
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
Often times, Spanish materials are hard to find. When I saw this, I immediately knew that I had to have it. These cards are such an asset to me. It goes with the Spanish that is used here, and not of another country. This is what makes it even better!

by Jakeline D Velez Hernandez,  Puerto Rico
#WPCS99 – Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards
Really this material help my patient produce words correctly

WPCS99 -  Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards $129.95 
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